Modern Day Twins Platoon

6 08 2011










Future MarinesĀ  (Photo courtesy of USMC)

The Minnesota Twins Baseball Organization hosted a pre-game ceremony on September 5th, 2011, at Target Field, in commemoration of the original “Twins Platoon”, who likewise were sworn into the United States Marine Corps in June of 1967. Their stories are the subject of the book. The United States Marines Corps honors their service by proudly recognizing the Corp’s future enlisting 24 young men and woman into what is called “The Modern Day Twins Platoon”.



2 responses to “Modern Day Twins Platoon”

6 09 2011
Michael Howard (11:55:30) :

A friend of mine was part of this platoon that swore in yesterday and he was the guide at the Rochester Marine Corps Recruiting Office. His name was Danjerr Presson and every one at the office looked up to him. He, I’m sure, will make an outstanding Marine.

7 09 2011
Maxine (14:22:21) :

My son was part of this platoon as well. I am an Army vet of 10 years, his father is still in the Army and I could not be more proud of my son, Eugene McGhee III.

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