Help with Email


This page contains information about using email. Please check the list below for a topic that suits your needs.

  • “What is email and what does it do?”

Email stands for “Electronic Mail” and it works just like a postal address except you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your chair to send or receive letters! Like the Post Office if you don’t write the address correctly it won’t get delivered correctly. Email has a different look than a traditional postal addresses.

An example email address looks like this:

A persons User Name comes first and is followed by the @ symbol (shift key + 2 on your keyboard). A user name can usually be anything you choose (as long as someone else didn’t choose it first!) and it doesn’t matter if you use capital or lower-case letters.

Following the @ is called the “Domain“. Think of this like the street number, city and zip code of a postal address. This part tells the computer where to send the message addressed for “johndoe”. Other popular Domains are,,, and many others! The great thing about email is that everyone can email everyone else at any domain and you never have to pay postage!

Email has become incredibly popular in recent years due to its speed and ease of use. It generally takes only a few seconds from the time you send an email for it to arrive at its destination. You can even send “packages” or computer files (like photos!) by attaching them to your email!

  • “Great, so where do I start?”

Well, if you are looking at this webpage then you have already mastered the first step to using email….using a computer! You don’t have to be an expert to use email and its a great place to start learning if you are new to computers. The next step to using email is creating your very own email address. If you don’t have email or would like a new address we are offering free addresses (where is a name chosen by you!) for people associated with The Twins Platoon.

To get setup with one please CLICK HERE and fill out your information with “Email Request” as the subject and be sure to information so that we can contact you once it is ready. If you would like a specific User Name (like a nickname) please indicate so in your message.

There are also many great free email addresses available from other places so if you already have one but you can still send us a message by clicking HERE if you have any additional questions.

  • How do I use my email address?

So you have an email address but you don’t know how the heck to use it? No problem.

The first thing we have to do is LOGIN:

  • CLICK HERE to open a new login window.
  • Enter your

Notice that we are typing “+NOT@“. For example: If my user name is “johndoe” my email address IS “” BUT when I access my email (as we are doing now) I type “”.

  • Enter your password, and click OK.
  • Thats it! You’re in!
To learn how to use your new email account click the links below:

Note: To view these “How to…” pages your computer needs “Flash Media player” CLICK HERE to get it.