Marine Wing Support Group 471

17 06 2009


The Twins Cities based Marine Wing Support Squadron 471 presented the author with a plaque for writing the book. The author was the 2006 Guest of Honor at 231st Marine Corps Birthday Ball. The plaque reads in part, “we wish to recognise your contributions to the history of the United States Marine Corps and the State of Minnesota.”


New State Law Honors Vietnam Veterans

3 04 2008

New State Law Honors Vietnam Veterans

With unanimous support from the legislature, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty signed into law that March 29th is Vietnam Veterans Day. The pen is being given to Diane Finnemann, the sister of Twins Platoon member Wallace “Skip” Schmidt. She was a driving force behind the legislation. The author of the bill, Representative Larry Howes of Walker, Minnesota peers over her shoulder sharing the moment. The new law will change for the better the way many Vietnam Veterans view their service to our country and state.

It is worthwhile to listen to what Governor Pawlenty’s had to say about our Veterans. Click on the below link to hear the Govenor’s pod cast. It is 15 minutes long, so it may take a few minutes to load after you click on the link.

Minnesota Govenor Pawlenty shares his personal experience

Vietnam Veterans Day Moves Ahead

17 03 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008
HF2582 (Howes) Vietnam Veterans Day designated as March 29.

You can click on the link below to watch the House Floor Vote on March 17th. Then go to the right of the page and click on enhanced version. This Bill was the last one up for vote, so you need to advance the video approx. 2/3 rds of the way through. The link below will change as the legislation proceeds. Your time to view the current proceedings is temporary.

Vietnam Veterans Day

17 02 2008

House Veterans Affairs Division
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
HF2582 (Howes) Vietnam Veterans Day designated as March 29.

Diane Finnemann and the author of the Twins Platoon, Chris Sauro Jr., again gave testimony. This time at the Senate Hearing. The bill passed through the Senate. Representative Larry Howes, the author of this legislation, continues to receive string support. Updates may be found on the State Web site.

House Veterans Affairs Division
Friday, February 15 2008
HF2582 (Howes) Vietnam Veterans Day designated as March 29.

Click on the link below to watch the first hearing about making March 29th, Vietnam Veterans Day. Diane Finnemann and the author of the Twins Platoon, Chris Sauro Jr., gave testimony. The below link will take you to the State web site. Then scroll down to the “House Veterans Affairs Division” to “HF2582 (Howes)”. To the right of it under “Watch and listen” you click on “enhanced version”. This will launch Media Player and you can watch the hearing. You may want to advance about 8 minutes and 34 seconds to the start of the session. The time period to watch this event is limited and may be lost as the State updates its site.

Here is the link to open the Sessions Weekly. On page 13 is the photo and news brief of the author testifying. Sessions Weekly

Eden Prairie Veterans Memorial

9 11 2007

Twins Platoon Member Timothy Sather will be one of the veterans honored in a special flag raising ceremony on Novemebr 11th. To read more about this special event and Tim Sather go to Read the full front page story about Tim by going to their “media” link and scroll down to the article entitled “To hell and back – The story of Vietnam Veteran Tim Sather.”

Half Hour TV Special About “Twins Platoon”

24 05 2007

Fox Sports TV (FSN) has produced an excellent half hour TV special about the “Twins Platoon”. The first airing will be July 3rd, 2007. It will be broadcast nine times during the month of July under the programming title of “Spotlight-the Twins Platoon”. This TV special was produced by Trevor Fleck and edited by Dan Truebenbach, whom produced the “Twins Feature” which aired the summer of 2006. To see a listing of the additional broadcast times and dates check the “Event Calendar” tab.

Military Moments

18 03 2007

Chapter 18 of the book is entitled “The Battle of Dai Do”. The author speaks of this Battle in a two minute radio broadcast by KBEK Radio 95.5 FM. Click on this link to listen to it. The Battle of Dai Do

Book Inspires Sermon

14 03 2007

After reading the book “Twins Platoon” Pastor Kevin Haseltine of Abundant Life Church wrote an inspiring sermon, “Freedom Is Not Free”, for the May 20th, 2006 book signing. Hear what the author and the Pastor had to say by clicking on the the below links.




“Coming Home From War”

8 03 2007

The community response to the event appearing on the “Event Calendar” for February 27, 2007 showed strong support for our military troops and their families. Among those in attendance were Senator Rick Olseen, Representative Jeremy Kalin, local law enforcement, clergy, numerous nonprofit support organizations and family members of those currently serving in Iraq. For more information on how your community can support our local military troops and their families contact us.

Read the Flyer here

Area veterans who were injuried in Iraq or Afghanistan can apply for home rehabilitation and repair servcies made possible through a nationwide program called “Serving Those Who Serve”.

Link for “Rebuilding Together”

Best Human Interest Feature Story

3 03 2007

Kay Johnson, reporter for the Hutchinson Leader, won 1st Place at the Minnesota Newspaper Association awards for “The Best Human Interest Feature Story” at the annual Better Newspaper Contest. Her award winning article “Voices From Vietnam” was about Twins Platoon member Larry Buske. The judge’s comment: “Compelling tale of a soldiers time fighting in Vietnam. The book was weaved into the story, but the story wasn’t about the book. Larry Buske came alive to me as I was reading. The story was very organized and very clear.”